TCM Guide : Treasury & Cash Management Guide 2006

As multinational corporations expand their global footprint into new markets, they are confronting a range of issuesbe it demands on liquidity and working capital, risk management or sourcing effective trade financing. In this our second annual Treasury & Cash Management Guide, in partnership with leading cash management banks we explore some of the most pressing issues facing corporate treasurers today and how technology is helping solve some of these issues.

In the area of e-invoicing, for example, we look at how banks and third-party providers are leveraging the Internet to help take the pain and cost out of paper invoicing. In trade finance, we outline how the industry is trying to transform itself from mere providers of letters of credit to supply chain financing as companies relationships with their global supply chains evolve. Despite being a largely paper-based industry, banks and electronic platforms are harnessing the Internet and the latest integration technologies to help reduce the inefficiencies of paper and unlock capital trapped in inefficient accounts-payable and accounts-receivable processes.

The topic on everyones lips at the moment is the creation of the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA). Citigroup outlines how the implementation of SEPA will directly benefit corporate treasurers, who are striving toward centralization, rationalization and consolidation of their financial flows. JPMorgan Chase unveils the maturing world of risk management for treasurers confronted with daily risk issues, whether it is liquidity risk, currency risk, market risk, credit risk or operational risk. Two of the hottest emerging markets for corporates anywhere in the world are China and India. The Bank of New York gives its expert advice on the dynamics in these two markets and what higher levels of cooperation between these two markets will mean in the future. Finally, the guide would not be complete without our annual pick of Whos Who in Treasury and Cash Management, which features influential industry figures from banks and the corporate treasury community.

Anita Hawser

Europe Editor