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Global Finance presents its annual guide to the key products and technology providers in the treasury and cash management space.


Capabilities/services: Ariba Invoice and Payment is the leading enterprise solution for streamlining invoicing and reconciliation to achieve optimal days payable outstanding (DPO). Ariba’s advanced invoicing and reconciliation capabilities cut the cost of invoice reconciliation, exception handling and supplier communication. Intuitive business rules replicate clients’ internal processing requirements, ensuring greater control and compliance. Advanced features allow the sharing of data across departments, enabling Accounts Payable to keep Procurement and Treasury abreast of cash requirements, early-pay discounts and supplier performance. Enabled by Ariba Invoice and Payment, companies are able to develop and implement a more integrated cash management strategy while improving the efficiency of the entire procure-to-pay cycle.

Product overview: Ariba offers end-to-end Invoice and Payment solutions in both hosted and licensed models based on clients’ specific needs. The Ariba Supplier Network is the platform that supports both versions to connect to the suppliers. The goal of Ariba Invoice and Payment is to deliver maximum value to customers from process efficiency savings, proactive recovery and compliance, discount management and supply-chain financing options.

Ariba’s Invoice and Payment solution has two main elements: Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment and the Ariba Supplier Network. The solution facilitates the invoicing process, allowing invoices to be received and processed electronically—including workflow to route the invoice by commodity, dollar volume, region, etc.—and routed for approval. It also includes the ability to do two-, three- and four-way matching to the PO, the contract and the receipts, as well as queuing and routing invoices for exception handling. Ariba Supplier Network has over 170,000 active suppliers transacting on a regular basis with over $120 billion in spend processed annually. It is the largest, most successful network of its kind internationally.

Business developments: Buyers and suppliers in 115 countries leverage the Ariba Supplier Network to engage in transactions worth more than $120 billion a year and process one document (POs & Invoice) every two seconds.

Contact: Amy Wagman
Tel: +1 650 390 1788


Client profile: By location: Global. By size: $500 million – $50 billion.

Capabilities/services: T2 provides complete international and domestic treasury management system solutions, fully integrated with third party systems. The IT2 system is modular and scalable, and includes FX, debt, investment, commodities and treasury accounting functionalities, as well as cash management. The IT2 Client Relationship Management team and the IT2 Academy offer IT2 clients additional levels of service excellence.

Product overview: IT2 addresses all the functional requirements of multinational treasury operations. The system ships with libraries of best-practice treasury processes and management reports, which may be configured under full user control to fulfill specific requirements. IT2 integrates treasury processing with powerful and transparent reporting, facilitating effective usage and SOX auditing. IT2 is integrated with banking reporting, ERP, payment and other third party systems to offer automated and efficient STP system solutions. IT2 is based on a single central database and system, which enables the position to update and report automatically in real time. This means that treasurers are dependably presented with up-to-date, accurate information at all times, and can focus entirely on their professional duties. IT2’s document management facilities ensure that all relevant information is conveniently presented to treasurers, with an automatically generated audit trail. IT2 includes powerful risk management tools and extended debt and investment functionality, in addition to standard treasury features.

Business developments: The current release of IT2, version 6.4 (October, 2008) offers new or enhanced features, including; ease-of-use, audit & compliance, process mapping and documentation enhancements; Advanced Cash Predictor; improved position reporting, credit default swaps and Bermudan swaptions; enhanced IFRS 7 reporting & hedge accounting; support for SQLServer 2008, 64-bit SQL servers, Windows Server 2008. Version 7.0, scheduled for release in June 2009, will include enhanced system performance & scalability, hedge/exposure automation, bond management capabilities, asset management and instrument coverage.

Contact: Patrick Coleman
Tel: +44 (0)20 8741 3553
Fax: +44 (0)20 8741 5175