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Country Report

Croatia: Seeking Stability

Like other geographic regions once under communist rule, Croatia has traveled a chaotic road to statehood, but it is now solidifying its economic and political progress.

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Central/Eastern Europe: A New Golden Age?

<strong>Regional Report: Central & Eastern Europe</strong><br /> Despite a host of challenges, Europe’s formerly communist countries are poised for strong, steady growth.


Eurozone Attracts Record Foreign Investment

<strong>Europe</strong> | Foreign direct investment (FDI) into Europe hit a record high in 2015 with 5,083 new cross-border projects, an increase of 14% from 2014, creating approximately 218,000 new jobs

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Turkey: Wary After Coup Trauma

<strong>Turkey</strong> | It’s way too early to determine the long-term cost to Turkish democracy and society of July’s failed coup, and it is equally tricky to assess its immediate impact on Turkish investment and business.

Country Report

Balkan Nations Seek Their Moment In The Sun

Casting off a checkered past, the region’s diverse economies are resurgent, with a focus on investment and reforms—and sustaining their crucial small and midsize enterprises.