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Country Report

Qatar: Gas For Growth

Qatar is facing strong headwinds, but the tiny emirate can rely on gas reserves to cushion the shock.


Arabtec Faces Uncertainty

Arabtec may struggle to meet the end of November deadline set by shareholders to formally submit liquidation plans to a court.


Destination Egypt

While the Covid-19 pandemic has postponed a spate of deals, regional institutions want a piece of the Egyptian banking sector.


Egypt Looks South

While the global economy slows, Egyptian banks aim to expand their foothold in Africa and boost intraregional trade.


Emerging Markets After Covid

Emerging and developing economies will likely be hardest hit by Covid-19. Rebuilding will require addressing preexisting conditions as well as the new ones.


Historic Israel-UAE Deal Promises To Boost Commerce

Israel’s Economy Ministry calculates that the normalization of ties could increase exports to the UAE to US$300 million to $500 million annually while according to Moody’s Investors Services, UAE investments in Israel could reach US$350 million a year.


GCC’s Borrowing Binge

GCC-based countries are drawing down their foreign exchange reserves to protect their dollar pegs and tapping global debt markets for record amounts, along with corporates.