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Middle East Supplement 2020

The impact of COVID-19 and the 50% drop in oil prices since the pandemic struck will challenge all of the economies in the Middle East region. Travel restrictions and a simultaneous drop in domestic and external demand are hitting the region hard. There are bright spots, nonetheless, and reasons to expect this part of the world to remain resilient, with help from strong foreign exchange reserves in the big oil-producing countries.


Gas Bounty

Rising gas output is giving Qatar’s economy some buoyancy.


Jordan At A Crossroads

A new IMF funding package and anticipated economic reforms offer a ray of hope for the kingdom’s battered economy.


Lebanon’s New Deal

A close-up look at how Lebanon and its banks reached the edge of the cliff—and the tough choices they need to make to step back from the brink.


New Sultan Faces Early Test

A sluggish economy, high debt burden and tensions among its neighbors challenge the new leader’s ambitious development plans.


One-Two Punch

Oil prices, travel and tourism are vulnerable to the effects of the coronavirus.