Annual Supplement: Technology & Treasury Management 2012


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The world of corporate treasury is changing. Increasing international growth among developing-markets companies is causing a revolution in how companies manage cash and liquidity—and thus how banks market their transaction products and services. While global banks continue to focus on their large-cap, developed-market clients, they have left the door open for regional and niche banks and service providers to pull in new clients and build business with two distinct groups: the regional emerging markets champions that are building beyond their own borders, and mid-tier developed market multinationals that are expanding in emerging markets to take advantage of the burgeoning consumer class in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

But this growth requires a solid financial infrastructure, and companies in all segments are looking for better, easier-to-use solutions to their everyday problems. From liquidity management to trade finance, they want systems and services that will help them to grow and help them to be compliant to increasingly complex regulatory regimes at home and in new markets; and they want solution partners that will be there for them, addressing their unique needs, as they continue to expand.

Technology is an enabler—be it of better liquidity management, better accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) visibility, or easier trade financing. And, with developed markets in general facing slow or no growth and no end in sight to the European debt crisis, never has it been more critical to enable growth in emerging markets. Their continued development is key to the strength of the global economy.

Denise Bedell

Managing Editor

alt Annual Supplement: Technology & Treasury Management 2012