Most Innovative Financial Technology Companies 2024

Africa And Middle East


MNT-Halan developed innovative technology that provides a digital solution for unbanked populations. The resulting products have driven digital engagement, customer retention and market share. The company’s Halan superapp offers remote access to consumers for the entire Halan product and service ecosystem, including small- and micro-business lending, payments, investment products, e-commerce, and consumer finance solutions like savings and buy-now-pay-later products. Housing these services in one app makes financial processes more accessible to underserved communities. Users can receive salaries through the app, transfer funds to other accounts, make investments and purchase items.

Among the company’s offerings is Neuron, a core banking system platform in the Middle East and Africa designed for integration. The API software enables MNT-Halan to connect with various digital banking services that optimize the banking experience. Neuron connects users, merchants, lending agents, and MNT-Halan branches to give customers a more active role in their finances while developing their businesses to achieve financial independence.    

Central And Eastern Europe

Payment institution Roger

Payment institution Roger (PiR), a fintech based in the Czech Republic, has developed the region’s first service for automated invoice verification. The service targets small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) that rely on factor financing to maintain consistent cash flow.

Verifying invoices’ creditworthiness is critical in factor financing, but it takes time. However, using automation and an online interface, PiR has dramatically shortened the period an SME must wait to be paid—from 60-90 days to just three days.

Each invoice is automatically processed based on electronic data interchange communication. Input data is decomposed into structured code, and the system then transforms it into invoices written to the verify invoices interface and then sent for approval.

SMEs now receive as much as 75% of the value of their invoice within three days, with the remaining 25% after the customer has paid.      

North America


Moody’s is developing new offerings that disseminate its data and expertise to help its customers mitigate tomorrow’s risks. By leveraging AI and machine learning, Moody’s products create efficiencies and deliver powerful insights to customers. The company deployed a copilot tool to employees to drive firmwide innovation and create a development life cycle. Moody’s Research Assistant is an add-on to CreditView that combines genAI with Moody’s proprietary data. This product is designed to find real-time answers and generate credit memos and custom reports from Moody’s extensive content. The Automated Credit Memo combines genAI technology, data and analytics to assist loan underwriters in creating comprehensive, consistent credit memos for review and approval. This solution compiles relevant information currently in a bank origination system. It combines that with Moody’s content on borrowers, market conditions and third-party data, that can be integrated with Moody’s available financial data and know-your-customer compliance data.

Western Europe


Following a successful launch in the UK and North America, MilltechFX expanded into Europe in March 2022. With its FX-as-a-Service offering, MilltechFX’s multibank FX marketplace helps asset managers and corporates significantly reduce FX costs and the operational burden associated with FX execution and rolling hedging requirements.