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Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Move Over Fiat Currencies

At Sibos in Geneva, financial technology, or fintech (blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning), was present in almost every conference presentation and workshop. And even in those sessions that didn’t directly reference it, one felt a sense that banking in particular ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Technology And Finance: A Match In Flux

One message comes quite clearly out of Sibos in Geneva this year: fintech companies and financial institutions are re-thinking their relationships. And in general both sides are ready to consider different models of collaboration and coexistence. Few possibilities are excluded. ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

No More Compliance Headaches?

Corporate compliance and due diligence headaches may be easing, as a number of new services have been launched to help companies screen suppliers against global sanctions lists. Ever-increasing regulatory requirements, including broader monitoring and compliance obligations, and ever-changing sanctions and ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

The Unbanked Aren’t All Poor

The term 'financial inclusion' is often equated with the working poor in developing countries. But if the term is thought of more broadly as referring to those that have limited or restricted access to financial services such as loans and ...