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Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

MBAs Losing Appeal

Interest in MBAs is declining while interest in MScs are rising.


New German Finance Minister Might End Euro-Austerity

Olaf Scholz’s spending policies and his Social Democratic Party'scriticism of Angela Merkel's ‘forced austerity’could lead to higher spending, a reduction of Germany’s historical surplus and the risk of inflation.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Asset Valuations | Shaping The Next Generation Of Corporate Leaders

Asset valuation is one of a chief financial officer’s core functions. CFOs are regularly asked about the value of a company’s shares, assets and subsidiaries, as well as that of companies and assets targeted for potential acquisition. Yet increasingly, companies ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Technology Start-Ups | Chinese Unicorns Are Not A Fantasy, But Reality

Many small, fast-growing start-ups aspire to become a unicorn—a private company, usually in the technology space, with a valuation of more than $1 billion. Unicorns are mostly associated with tech hubs like Silicon Valley. But they’re slowly part of a ...