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Country Report

Bring On The New Russia

COUNTRY REPORT By Justin Keay As investors query what will happen in Russia’s economy over the near term, the long-term outlook is improving as the business environment is liberalized. Russia will be at the center of world ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Poland: Longtime Finance Minister Axed

NEWSMAKERS By Justin Keay There were few raised eyebrows when Poland’s premier Donald Tusk replaced his longtime Finance minister Jacek Rostowski with 38-year-old Mateusz Szczurek in a major cabinet reshuffle on November 20. Disagreements between Tusk and Rostowski ...

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Europe: Dark Clouds Down South

While Central Europe appears to be recovering from the effects of the global economic downturn, Southeastern Europe is in for a rougher ride.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Qatar: Business As Usual?

COUNTRY REPORT Despite the change of leadership Qatar has undergone, the new emir is expected to follow his father’s lead, building on the country’s early economic gains by diversifying beyond oil and gas.


UK: A Capital Of Islamic Finance?

On October 29, a little piece of history was made when the UK finally announced it would become the first Western country to issue a sovereign sukuk, or Islamic bond.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Middle East: Say Dubai To Caution

MILESTONES By Justin Keay Its only four years since the global economic slowdown plunged Dubai into a major debt crisis...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Regional Focus: The Levant

WHEN WILL A NEW SUN RISE? By Justin Keay The Levant region is plagued with political instability and unrest. But there are pockets of economic strength and inklings of long-term development. According to the Collins English Dictionary, the word Levant ...

Country Report

Country Report: Turkey

THE COST OF INSTABILITY By Justin Keay The full effects of recent upheavals and unrest in Turkey have not yet been felt, and policymakers have some serious work ahead to bring markets back in order and reassure investors ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

CEE: Charting Diverse Economies

REGIONAL REPORT: CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE — A MIXED BAG By Justin Keay Central and Eastern European countries are quite diverse in their performance of late. However, investors continue to lump them together when it comes to investments. ...

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Croatia Finally Joins The EU Fold

Croatia becomes 28th member of the EU In 2004, when nine former Communist countries joined the EU, there were widespread...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Sector Report: Agribusiness

NURTURING GLOBAL BREADBASKETS By Justin Keay It is time to address developmental roadblocks globally if the world’s food supplies are to meet demand over the next 40 years. There is probably no industry where the basic laws ...