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Economics, Policy & Regulation

Nigeria: Treacherous Terrain

Nigeria’s diversified, resource-rich economy beckons investors. But in the absence of major reforms and an economic development agenda, direct and...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Côte D’Ivoire Bounces Back

The West African country looks to sustain growth based on rising productivity. Côte d’Ivoire, the world’s top producer of cocoa...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Africa: Wooing Venture Capital

African entrepreneurs, frustrated by political and economic barriers and reluctant banks, increasingly see VC as the source of the funds they need. 

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Nigeria’s Stock Exchange Lists Itself

Although the shares are still closely held by erstwhile members, there is a strong appetite from nonmember retail investors and institutional investors to own shares in the exchange.

Country Report

Nigeria: A Bridge To Infrastructure

Nigeria needs major upgrades but its risk profile scares investors.A blended approach could leverage public funds to spur private support.