Best Derivatives Providers: Middle East


Best Derivatives Provider
HSBC  has become the preferred derivatives dealer in the Middle East, which  endured an even more pronounced credit crunch than other regions. The  bank took clients away from Standard Chartered, the only other global  bank with regional strength in derivatives, thanks to consistent—and  lower—pricing. “At a time of crisis, customers were stuck with two  banks. They have decided to do business with HSBC because we have been  consistent and we value long-term relationships,” says Praveen Gupta,  regional head of corporate sales for global markets for the Middle East  and North Africa at HSBC in Dubai. With more than 40 people in 11  dealing centers in the region, HBSC has found fast-growing demand among  auto dealers, traders, banks and pension funds that are using  derivatives to manage their risks. The bank’s most aggressive market  share gains have been in FX and local interest-rate derivatives, which  the bank provides in Islamic shariah-compliant form.

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