EM Safest Banks: Safest Banks By Region


By Andrew Cunningham

The safest banks chart compares the ratings for the world’s largest 500 banks, based on asset size. Long-term foreign currency ratings issued by Fitch Ratings, Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s Investors Service were used. Where possible, ratings on holding companies were used rather than operating companies, and banks that are wholly owned by other banks were omitted. Government import-export finance institutions were also omitted. Within each rank set, banks are rated according to asset size based on data for the most recent annual reporting period provided by Fitch Solutions and Moody’s. In previous years we assigned a “tie” score to banks that had the same number of points and had assets within $5 billion of each other. We have changed our methodology on this point and will no longer be giving “ties.” Ratings are reproduced with permission from the three ratings agencies, with all rights reserved. A rating is not a recommendation to purchase, sell or hold a security, and it does not comment on market price or suitability for a particular investor.

Rank Bank Name Fitch rating S&P rating Moody’s rating Total Points Reporting Assets ($mn) Country
1 China Development Bank A+ AA- Aa3 20 992,157 China
2 Agricultural Development Bank of China A+ AA- Aa3 20 310,029 China
3 Korea Finance Corporation AA- A+ Aa3 20 157,053 South Korea
4 Industrial Bank of Korea AA- A Aa3 19 161,241 South Korea
5 Bank of Taiwan N/R A+ Aa3 18.5 129,803 Taiwan
6 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China* A A A1 16 2,458,988 China
7 China Construction Bank A A A1 16 1,949,213 China
8 Bank of China A A A1 16 1,877,514 China
9 KB Kookmin Bank* A A A1 16 222,668 South Korea
10 Shinhan Bank A A A1 16 198,706 South Korea
11 NongHyup Bank A A A1 16 170,441 South Korea
12 Agricultural Bank of China A N/R A1 15.5 1,853,313 China
13 Hana Bank* N/R A A1 15.5 133,409 South Korea
14 Land Bank of Taiwan* N/R A- Aa3 15.5 75,505 Taiwan
Rank Bank Name Fitch rating S&P rating Moody’s rating Total Points Reporting Assets ($mn) Country
1 BancoEstado A+ A+ Aa3 19 40,045 Chile
2 Banco de Chile N/R A+ Aa3 18.5 41,699 Chile
3 Banco Santander Chile A+ A Aa3 18 47,282 Chile
4 Banco de Crédito e Inversiones A- A A1 15 31,029 Chile
6 HSBC Mexico A- BBB Baa1 9 34,743 Mexico
7 Itaú Unibanco BBB+ BBB Baa1 8 454,019 Brazil
8 Banco Santander Mexico BBB+ BBB Baa1 8 52,827 Mexico
9 Banco CorpBanca* N/R BBB+ Baa1 8 17,110 Chile
10 BBVA Chile N/R BBB+ Baa1 8 16,404 Chile
11 First Citizens Bank* N/R BBB+ Baa1 8 4,869 Trinidad & Tobago
12 Banco Bradesco BBB+ BBB Baa2 7 406,129 Brazil
13 Banco Nacional de Comercio Exterior BBB BBB Baa1 7 13,961 Mexico
14 Banco Latinoamericano de Comercio Exterior* BBB+ BBB Baa2 7 6,360 Panama
Rank Bank Name Fitch rating S&P rating Moody’s rating Total Points Reporting Assets ($mn) Country
1 eská spoitelna A A A2 15 44,764 Czech Republic
2 Komerní banka A A A2 15 37,854 Czech Republic
3 PKO Bank Polski N/R A- A2 12.5 55,817 Poland
4 Bank Pekao A- BBB+ A2 12 42,895 Poland
5 ING Bank lski A N/R Baa1 11 20,402 Poland
6 Všeobecná úverová banka (VÚB) BBB+ N/R A3 9.5 14,402 Slovak Republic
7 BRE Bank A BBB Baa2 9 28,933 Poland
8 Vnesheconombank BBB BBB Baa1 7 78,642 Russia
9 Bank Handlowy w Warszawie A- BBB Baa3 7 12,371 Poland
10 Sberbank BBB N/R Baa1 6.5 336,538 Russia
11 VTB Bank BBB N/R Baa1 6.5 210,885 Russia
Rank Bank Name Fitch rating S&P rating Moody’s rating Total Points Reporting Assets ($mn) Country
1 National Bank of Abu Dhabi AA- A+ Aa3 20 69,617 United Arab Emirates
2 National Bank of Kuwait AA- A+ Aa3 20 48,912 Kuwait
3 Qatar National Bank A+ A+ Aa3 19 82,955 Qatar
4 Samba Financial Group A+ A+ Aa3 19 51,406 Saudi Arabia
5 National Commercial Bank A+ A+ A1 18 80,320 Saudi Arabia
6 Al Rajhi Bank A+ A+ A1 18 58,884 Saudi Arabia
7 Riyad Bank A+ A+ A1 18 48,237 Saudi Arabia
8 Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank A+ A A1 17 50,027 United Arab Emirates
9 Kuwait Finance House A+ A- Aa3 17 48,312 Kuwait
10 Banque Saudi Fransi A A Aa3 17 37,461 Saudi Arabia
11 SABB A A Aa3 17 36,975 Saudi Arabia
12 Union National Bank A+ N/R A1 17 22,456 United Arab Emirates
13 Arab National Bank A A A1 16 31,353 Saudi Arabia
Rank Bank Name Fitch rating S&P rating Moody’s rating Total Points Reporting Assets ($mn) Country
1 Absa Bank A- BBB Baa1 9 91,176 South Africa
2 FirstRand Bank BBB+ BBB+ Baa1 9 75,992 South Africa
3 Standard Bank South Africa BBB+ BBB+ Baa1 9 31,078 South Africa
4 Nedbank BBB+ BBB Baa1 8 86,931 South Africa
5 Investec BBB N/R Baa1 6.5 37,778 South Africa

Ratings current on 15 October 2012

N/R – No Rating

Source for ratings: Fitch Ratings, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s Investors Service

Source for reporting assets: Fitch Solutions, except *Moody’s Investors Service

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