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Latest News

Private banking is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the financial services industry worldwide.Here you will find all the latest news on the industry.

Rich Kids Don’t Trust Robots

Study of wealthy Millennials finds more interest in private equity than robo-advisory, and a desire to “do good” as well as get good returns.
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World’s Best Private Bankers Honored At Harvard Club

Succession plans, taxes and cultivation of relationships were top of mind at second annual awards dinner.
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The UHNW Millennial Next Door

Ultra-high net worth individuals of a new generation are changing the face of wealth in the world
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Western Private Banks Bail on Asia’s Wealth

Edmond de Rothschild is only the latest casualty in Asia’s increasingly competitive private banking arena.
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Trends 2017: Inefficiency Weighs On Private Banking

What is the single most critical factor wealth managers must change about their services in the next 12 months?
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World’s Best Private Banks 2017

At a time of turbulence and retrenchment, private banks increasingly seek success by narrowing their focus to design and deliver highly targeted wealth solutions.
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Under Trump Will Gold Be The New Black?

Will the Trump Tower aesthetic—gilt, glitz and pink marble—take over?
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Playing For Retirement

Making financial planning like a video game can make robo-advisory more appealing—even fun—for customers, says IBM thought leader Paolo Sironi.
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Global Finance magazine has announced its second annual World’s Best Private Banks Awards for 2017.

A full report on the selections will appear in the December issue of Global Finance, and winners will be honored at an Awards Dinner at the Harvard Club of New York City on February 7.
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A new report finds billionaires struggle to hang on to their wealth, and especially to keep it in the family.

With great wealth comes a burden of keeping it.Read More>>

Asia’s Private Banks Spend Now To Save Later, Strained wealth management industry looks to digital solutions

Private bankers looking to grow in Asia are investing heavily in innovation to stave off disruption, at the same time firms are also turning to technology to tackle more fundamental issues in the industry.Read More>>

Alt Investments Tempt Asia’s Ultra Rich

The wealthy in Asia are ramping up their exposure to infrastructure investments, in a move that illustrates how disappointing returns from traditional asset classes are pushing yield-desperate investors into some of the most illiquid strategies.Read More>>

Scandal And Risk Drive Private Banks Out Of Russia

Facing reputational risk and poor prospects, private banking operations are bailing on Russia and encouraging its wealthy to park their assets offshore.Read More>>

Asia: More Wealthy, Fewer Wealth Managers

While Asia recently pulled ahead of the West as home to wealthy individuals, some private banks are pulling out, leaving the field to nimble local rivals and committed global Goliaths.Read More>>

Robo-Advisers Are Here

Picture investment recommendations tailored or customized to individual needs or personality traits, provided cheaply via a highly intuitive digital interface.Read More>>

Asia Has Most Wealthy And Most Wealth

For the first time, Asia’s super-rich have surpassed their North American counterparts in both population and wealth. China and Japan, in particular, stood out as wealth powerhouses despite a volatile year for Asian equity markets.Read More>>

Survey: Wealthy Refocus On Protecting Assets

U.S Trust’s 2016 Wealth and Worth survey of high net worth Americans (those with $3 million or more in assets) revealed a decidedly traditional bent among the country’s wealthiest individuals. Read More>>

The Panama Papers And The Offshoring Industry

The so-called Panama Papers, more than 11 million leaked documents from a Panamanian law firm, are shining a spotlight on the scope and financial impact of the offshoring financial industry and global efforts to move assets to tax havens or less-regulated jurisdictions.Read More>>

Exclusive Interviews

The forecasts for global growth in the wealth of high-net-worth individuals and families suggest a strong underpinning for continued expansion of the private banking industry. In this series of video interviews and Q&As, we speak with the most influential executives in Private Banking and Wealth Management about how volatile markets are affecting their clients and how the industry is changing.

A Conversation With…

We speak with CEOs and executives at some of the top private banking and wealth management firms in the world, to hear how they are dealing with volatile global market conditions and the complex global regulatory environment.

Michael Sarlanis, Executive Director of UBS – New York Private Bank
Best Private Bank in the World

Michael Sarlanis,Executive Director of UBS New York Private Bank, discusses the state of growth and innovation in private banking with Andrea Fiano, Editor of Global Finance.

Torsten Ostensen, Head of Private Banking -Nordea
Best Private Bank in Norway and Finland

Torsten Ostensen, Head of Private BankingNordea discusses the circumstances of private banking in Norway with Andrea Fiano, Editor of Global Finance.

Idowu Thompson, Group Head of Private Banking – First Bank of Nigeria
Best Private Bank in Nigeria

Idowu Thompson, Group Head of Private Banking First Bank of Nigeria, discusses the African private banking marketplace with Andrea Fiano, editor of Global Finance.

Shaul Shneider, Head of Private Banking Division – Bank Leumi
Best Private Bank in Israel

Shaul Shneider, Head of Private Banking Division for Bank Leumi discusses trends in private banking in Israel with Andrea Fiano, Editor of Global Finance.

Alvaro Morales, Chief Executive Officer – Santander Private Banking
Best Private Bank in Latin America,
Best Private Bank for net worth <$1 Million,
Best Private Bank in Portugal (Banco Santander Totta)

Alvaro Morales, Chief Executive Officer for Santander Private Banking discusses trends in private banking with Andrea Fiano, Editor of Global Finance.

David Lough, Author “No More Champagne — Churchill and His Money”

David Lough, Author “No More Champagne — Churchill and His Money” discusses his book in relation to private banking issues with Andrea Fiano, Editor of Global Finance.