SIBOS 2013 – Corporate Stream Gets Deeper And Swifter In Dubai

The corporate stream is once again expanded at this year’s Sibos conference in Dubai.

One of the highlights is a look at

Alliance Lite2

the user-friendly, cloud-based corporate access channel that SWIFT launched last year. It requires no infrastructure to maintaina big drawback of its more direct access channeland has a usage-based monthly fee, with little upfront investment.

There is also a big focus on corporate supply chain management and supply chain finance. With SWIFT having launched its

bank payment obligation (BPO) solution

, much of the first day of the Forum is keyed into looking at how companies can make use of this automated letter of credit (LC) service to reduce errors, improve supply chain efficiency and speed up the flow of cash throughout the chain.

Being hosted in Dubai this year, the corporate stream also takes a look at payments and trade in the

Middle East and Africa

which will undoubtedly be a key topic of discussion among delegates from multinationals (see our coverage of

changes in Middle Eastern transaction banking