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Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Features : Clear Path

SECTOR REPORT / TREASURY & CASH MANAGEMENT Large corporations are leaping at the chance to connect directly to the banks...


Features : Shariah-Compliant Corporate Finance Forges Ahead

ISLAMIC INVESTMENT BANKING Investor demand, banks’ creativity and deep pools of liquidity in the Middle East are driving strong growth in the development of Islamic investment banking products.     Hassoune:“Investors and entrepreneurs must  hare the risks and rewards of ...

Award Winners

Features : Worlds Best Derivatives Providers 2007

ANNUAL SURVEY / BEST DERIVATIVES PROVIDERS     The fourth annual Global Finance awards for the World’s Best Derivatives Providers comes at a time when derivatives are in the mainstream news as never before. The US subprime mortgage crisis has ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance : China, Russia Compete For Biggest Ipo Of Year

GLOBAL EQUITY/DRS China is likely to have the year’s biggest initial public offering for the second year in a row, although there remains a chance that Russia will beat it out. As Global Finance went to press, China Construction Bank ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance : Commercial Paper Market Dries Up

CORPORATE FINANCING NEWS / CORPORATE DEBT The market for short-term corporate IOUs, or commercial paper, has continued to shrink in recent weeks amid the spreading credit crunch, putting more pressure on traditional bank credit lines. Commercial paper outstanding in the ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance : Deals Still Getting Done, But They Are Smaller

MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS The global credit crunch appears to be having a major impact on the size and financing of takeovers, where cash deals for much smaller targets are increasingly the rule. The biggest announced M&A; transaction worldwide in August ...


Features : Collateral Damage

FOCUS / TERRORISM FUNDING     Legislation aimed at cracking down on funding for terrorists is having some damaging side effects for banks and businesses. Kochan: It may be a fallacy that banks can anticipate terrorist financing. Following the attacks ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Features : In For The Long Haul

ANALYSIS / INFRASTRUCTURE FUNDING Many Asian countries desperately need to upgrade their infrastructure while cash-rich private equity funds are scouring the region for long-term investments. Is this a match made in heaven?   Nag: We can only meet a small ...