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Economics, Policy & Regulation

The Tiger Uncrouches

ASEAN is poised to become world’s fourth largest economy by 2030. But getting there will require an unprecedented group effort....

Economics, Policy & Regulation

New CPTPP Chips Away At U.S. Prestige

U.S. President Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership prompted the other 11 nations that were party to the agreement to forge ahead in a new pact without the U.S.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Corporates Rush To Decipher Landmark Trade Agreement

Management | Trade Negotiations Corporations’ business decisions depend on regulatory certainty, but as the passing of TPP legislation faces various hurdles, corporate decision-making processes will need to remain flexible.



In our 21st annual survey, Global Finance identifies the best banks in 150 countries and eight regions. The winners are not always the biggest banks, but rather, the best—those with the qualities that corporations should look for when choosing a bank.



Developing Asia will grow by 6.2% this year and 6.5% next, according to Asian Development Bank estimates, up slightly from 6.1% in 2013. Despite the uptick in overall growth, banks around the region continue to face challenging landscapes.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Cover: The Global Trade Backlash

Multinational corporations lobbied hard for preferential agreements under proposed Asian and European trade pacts. But the result may be more than they bargained for.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Vietnam: Not For The Faint Of Heart

FRONTIER MARKETS REPORT<br /> Vietnam has great potential, but it also has significant hurdles to overcome to improve its business climate for foreign investors. Given the government’s dominance of industries such as agriculture, utilities and banking, those looking to invest must be prepared for the challenge.
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Browse additional economic indicators and data sets, selected by <em>Global Finance</em> editors, to learn more about Brunei economic outlook, debt to GDP ratio, international trade performance and population trends.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

NAFTA Turns Twenty: So Far, So Good?

MILESTONES By Forrest Jones Few things polarize policymakers like free-trade agreements, especially the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) linking...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Global Trade: Rise Of The Superblocs

SPECIAL REPORT By Erik Heinrich Free-trade superblocs are being negotiated in North America, Europe and Asia. They will forever alter the flow of commerce and finance—and leave winners and losers in their wake. The world is poised ...