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Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Features: The Americas – Nafta

CAN NAFTA FILL THE GAP? For gaps in Nafta to be plugged, it may take smaller bilateral agreements rather than wide-ranging change to the original FTA. By Denise Bedell Renegotiating Nafta: (from left to right) US president ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Former Foes Tighten Ties

VIETNAM By Thomas Clouse Clinton: Comments on marine conflicts upset China Vietnam and the United States participated in joint military exercises last month for the first time since the war between the two countries ended 35 years ago. The ...

Award Winners

Awards: Islamic Financial Institutions

ISLAMIC FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS AWARDS 2010 Islamic financial institutions were not immune to the turmoil of the past two years, but their strict ethical code helped them prosper in many areas where others foundered. By Laurence Neville The ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Features: Regional Report – Southeast Asia

A FORCED TO BE RECKONED WITH The economically vibrant nations of Southeast Asia are forging closer links—and creating a regional powerhouse in the process. By Thomas Clouse While the world has focused its attention ...


Global Economic Indicators: Key Sources and Links

Global Finance’s selection of the best links to authoritative sources of global economic statistics, indicators and data. INTERNATIONAL SOURCES FOR GLOBAL ECONOMIC STATISTICS IMF – International Monetary Fund: Homepage Data and Statistics World Economic Outlook database on selected macroeconomic ...

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World’s Best Internet Banks Part II

BANKS DEVELOP SOCIAL SKILLS In the second of a two-part series, Global Finance identifies the best global and regional Internet banks. By Adam Rombel Not many of the headlines about the global banking industry in the ...

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Features: The World’s Best Internet Banks

PIONEERS GO MOBILE In the first of a two-part series, Global Finance identifies the best online corporate and consumer banks by country and regionally by product or service category. By Adam Rombel Much of the past year ...

Award Winners


NEW YORK, July 21, 2009 Global Finance has announced the First Round winners in the World’s Best Internet Banks competition...

Award Winners

Features: Islamic Financial Institutions Awards 2009

Global Finance selects the winners in a fast-growing area of finance that combines investing according to the tenets of Islamic law with modern financial products and systems. By Laurence Neville For a brief moment it seemed that the world ...