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Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Globalization At A Crossroads

Twelve months is a long time in financial markets, and the phenomenon of globalization appears to have reached a fork in the road, with growth in emerging markets looking challenged. Is the globalization frenzy coming to an end?


India And Indonesia: Going Cold Turkey

The prospect of US Fed “tapering” is still taking its toll on Indonesia and India, as both nations face mounting deficits and international pressure for structural reform.


India: Changing The Mix

The Reserve Bank of India wants foreign banks operating in India to convert into wholly-owned subsidiaries and enjoy “near-national” treatment.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

India: Tata Takes To The Skies

The wheel has turned full circle for industry doyen and chairman emeritus of the $110 billion Tata Group, Ratan Tata. His dream of more than five decades to return to the Indian skies through a fully-fledged airline business is set to come true.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

The Two Faces Of Africa

Africa continues to outperform other emerging markets, but not all of its 54 countries are moving at the same pace when it comes to political, economic and social developments.


World’s Best Foreign Exchange Providers 2013

<em style="font-size: 14px; text-align: justify;">Global Finance<span style="font-size: 14px; text-align: justify;">magazine has named the World’s Best Foreign ExchangeProviders 2014.</span>

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Submerging Markets? Not These

Makati City, the Philippines: Nothing pedestrian about 7% GDP growth (Photo: Mike Gonzalez) IT’S BEEN AN UGLY 2013 for investors...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Africa: Chad’s Pipeline Dreams

EMERGING MARKETS ROUNDUP By Antonio Guerrero Despite declining oil output levels in recent years, Chad is expecting to triple production...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

BRICs Sink In Change Ranking

MILESTONES By Paula L Green It doesn’t seem to matter how rich a country may be. Or the number of...