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Award Winners

Awards: World’s Best Banks 2013

BRIGHT STARS By Thomas Clouse, Jonathan Gregson, Antonio Guerrero & Gordon Platt Following a year that included some of the biggest scandals in banking history—the London Whale, the Libor rate-fixing scandal, widespread money laundering, insider trading, rogue trading and ...


Newsmakers: Martowardojo Gets Lucky Second Time Round

NEWSMAKERS: INDONESIA By Valentina Pasquali With just over a year to go before the 2014 elections and in a move that caught many observers by surprise, Indonesia’s president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, has appointed current Finance minister Agus Martowardojo as ...


World’s Best Banks 2013: Asia

<p>By Thomas Clouse, Jonathan Gregson, Antonio Guerrero & Gordon Platt REGIONAL ECONOMY ON SOLID GROWTH PATH Asia’s regional economy continues to grow steadily, despite the tepid recovery in the United States and sovereign debt issues in Europe. The region’s ...</p>

Award Winners

World’s Best Banks 2013: Middle East

By Thomas Clouse, Jonathan Gregson, Antonio Guerrero & Gordon Platt CONSERVATIVE LENDING AND RECORD EARNINGS IN THE MIDDLE EAST Many of the largest banks in the Middle East posted record earnings in 2012, as they continued to pursue conservative lending ...

Award Winners

Best Investment Banks 2013: Country Winners

COUNTRY WINNERS By Michael Shari COUNTRY WINNERS NORTH AMERICA Canada BMO Capital Markets US J.P. Morgan LATIN AMERICA Argentina Banco de Galicia y Buenos Aires Brazil Itaú BBA Chile Banco de Chile Colombia Bancolombia ...

Country Report

Country Report: Taiwan

MANAGING THE GOLDEN CROSSING By Arthur Clennam As relations with China continue to flourish and the Taiwanese economy picks up, political drift becomes an issue. Taiwan, to its credit, is a place where people speak their minds. ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Regional Report: Asia

A DECOUPLING IN THE WORKS By Udayan Gupta Intraregional investment within Asia is starting to take hold—reducing reliance on demand from developed markets. When Essar Power, a unit of Asian energy giant Essar Energy, raised approximately $900 ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Risk Management: Emerging Markets Risks

SEEKING CONSISTENCY By Paula Green Multinationals struggle to manage business risks—such as political, reputational and tax risks—and insurance issues, as they expand their emerging markets footprint. And some of those risks are on the rise. Ace Hardware ...


International Reserves of Countries Worldwide

International reserves are a country’s “external assets”—including foreign currency deposits and bonds held by central banks and monetary authorities, gold and SDRs. The top 10 holders of international reserves account for nearly two-thirds of the world’s total foreign currency reserves. ...