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Includes historical data for Tajikistan’s Gross Domestic Product growth, debt-to-GDP ratio and more, as well as information on trade, banking and financial sector leadership.

Rich Resources, Poor Population

Despite abundant agricultural, mineral and natural resources, a youthful population, and significant remittances from Tajik workers abroad, this country of a little over 10 million remains one of Asia’s poorest. Struggling with political instability since 1991, it relies heavily on Russia for economic support and security assistance, and from China for resource exploration and investments in infrastructure.

Tajikistan, however, faces challenges in securing cooperation opportunities with other international sources. While officially welcoming investments in industrial, technological and fintech projects, the government has done little to reduce bureaucratic hurdles and corruption, and improve governance, infrastructure and the underdeveloped banking sector. Tajikistan’s weaknesses are further exacerbated by authoritarian policies, border-related tensions with Afghanistan and the Kyrgyz Republic, and a challenging geography prone to natural disasters.

Macroeconomy & Sovereign Data

Type of Government Presidential republic
Capital Dushanbe
Sovereign Ratings S&P: B–
Moody’s: B3
Fitch: Not rated
Total Population 10.2 million
Median Age 21.8
Adult Per Capita Income (PPP) 82,37.60
Total GDP (2023) 12.9 billion

Tajikistan GDP & Economic Overview

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Banking & Finance

Trade & Investment

Total Exports USD 6.0 billion (2022)
Leading Exports Refined Petroleum
Natural Gas
Total Imports USD 1.6 billion (2022)
Leading Imports Gold
Source: World Integrated Trade Solution

Tajikistan Leading Companies

National Bank of Tajikistan (NBT) Financials
Agrobank Tajikistan Financials
Orienbank Financials
Tajik Aluminum Company (TALCO) Materials, Metals & Mining
Zeravshan Energy, Oil & Gas Exploration & Production
Tojikcement Building Materials, Cement
Tcell Telecommunication Services

Major Trade Partners — Import

Russia 30.4%
Kazakhstan 19.4%
China 16.1%
Uzbekistan 7.7%
Türkiye 3.8%

Major Trade Partners — Export

Kazakhstan 24.4%
Switzerland 24.0%
Türkiye 15.7%
Uzbekistan 8.6%
Belgium 6.0%

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