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Country Report

China Bolsters Portugal’s FDI

Given the range of mammoth audit failures by the biggest names in accounting, many are wondering whether it's time for a new approach to validating corporate numbers.


Custody Battle

With the growth in digital assets, there’s a growing need for secure custody. Fintech startups are ready, but where are the banks?


Getting Serious About Blockchain

Some of the world’s largest institutions are dabbling, as blockchain and DLT invade areas like trade finance, syndicated lending and cross-border payments.


Instant Gratification

So much in the modern, high-tech world happens instantaneously; it’s only a matter of time for payments to catch up.


Managing Migration

As a pathway to harmonization and platform interoperability for financial institutions, ISO 20022 is catching on. But migration to the global payments standard could be easier.


Oil Impact: Make Hay Now

A rise in oil prices has eased the immediate financial stress of Gulf nations, but the need for diversification remains pressing.


Oman: Pivotal Position

Oman qualifies as the least known and understood of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, but its importance goes beyond its size.


On Shifting Sands

GCC countries face a number of challenges as they move towards the post-oil era.


Open Banking’s Stealth Debut

Regulators are pressing for institutions to open their APIs. But first, the banks need to know their customers want what open banking can give them.