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Italy: Remodeling The Vatican Bank

MILESTONES By Luca Ventura The oldest multinational in the world is about to get a substantial makeover. The news came on February 24th, when its CEO, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, also known as pope Francis, issued a Motu Proprio, ...



Getting rid of the “stan” on the end of his country’s name is just one of the many ambitions Kazakhstan’s leader has for his increasingly prosperous country.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Peru: Hitting The Golden Years

MILESTONES By Tiziana Barghini Ranked 91st by the World Economic Forum for the relatively poor quality of its infrastructure, Peru...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Corporate Tax: The Cost Of Evasion

Corporate tax evasion is like the weather: Everyone complains about it, but what is being done and what does it mean for corporations?

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Argentina: For A Few Dollars More

MILESTONES By Tiziana Barghini Argentina has it tough. With GDP growth expected to fall to approximately 1.5% this year (compared...

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Chile: Arenas Takes Finance Helm

NEWSMAKERS By Forrest Jones Alberto Arenas returns to government as Finance minister with some big plans for a country looking...

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Cover: Emerging Markets Elections

By Laurence Neville Thirty-four developing countriesincluding all of the so-called Fragile Five nationswill have elections this year. Their results will...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Global: Galats Trade Effect At IFC

NEWSMAKERS By Anita Hawser One woman who worked hard to ensure that the wheels of global trade kept turning, even...

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Sri Lanka: Tapering Wont Affect Us

MILESTONES By Valentina Pasquali The US Federal Reserves gradual withdrawal from the unconventional monetary policies of the past few years...