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Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Editor’s Letter: BRIC By BRIC

The outgoing president of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, recently made a statement that we consider particularly relevant to our readers...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Editor’s Letter: Elections, Austerity And Uncertainty

In deciding to focus on elections worldwide for this month's cover story, we weren't just pondering their political implications and the relative uncertainty they occasion, we were also considering the global nature and impact of uncertainty in a single national election...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Lingering Risks

Europe may be the center of attention at the start of the new year, but it is certainly not the only area of the world that worries economists and policymakers...

Editor's Letter

Between Aid And Contagion

Who would have predicted that the Europeans would try to get financial support from China, Portugal would try to get investment from Brazil, French banks could try for funding from Russia, or that the US administration would criticize the “lack of action” in Europe as a way to divert attention from its own problems?

Editor's Letter

Crisis And Cooperation

The sovereign debt crisis in Europe and economic slowdown in other developed countries have forced dramatic fiscal and economic measures and several increasingly harsh rescue plans in countries around Europe...


Best In Class In Times Of Turmoil

When the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have their annual meeting in Washington DC at the end of September, the atmosphere will most probably be very tense...

Editor's Letter

The Uncertainty Factor

As we go to press with this double issue of Global Finance, uncertainty seems to be the dominating factor of the economic climate...

Editor's Letter

Commodities And Inflation

Commodity prices seem to increasingly influence the world economy—both on the producer and consumer side—and the financial markets...

Editor's Letter

Tsunami And Turnaround

In the past few weeks we all focused on Japan, shared its pain and its terrible losses. Many wondered about the risks that the crises in that country and in the Middle East might inflict on the global economy...