Merrill DataSite White Paper – August 2010

Trends in Mergers and Acquisitions: A special report on the state of the M&A; market

As the economic recovery continues, companies are expected to rely increasingly on mergers and acquisitions (M&A;) to help drive revenue growth and bottom line performance. Extensive pre-deal analysis and buttoned down due diligence have become the norm. As a result, M&A; players are placing even greater emphasis on every penny spent, looking to further cut transaction costs, sometimes even at the expense of outside advisors.

Global Finance magazine in partnership with Merrill DataSite® has recently hosted an interactive webcast on trends in Mergers and Acquisitions among some of the industry’s distinguished M&A; professionals.

Click here to see the webcast.

This informative white paper – developed as a post webcast follow-up – provides an insight into how corporate executives are seeking more in-depth best practices in due diligence to position their company for success, opportunities and challenges in today’s M&A; market, the global cross border climate and various approaches to managing transaction costs in this new, tighter marketplace.