Reader’s Choice | Top 10 Features For 2017

Feature stories on economic evaluation of President Trump's first year in office to those capturing new trends in global trade and finance, fintech, the profession of auditing and global economy, were most popular with Global Finance readers this year.

1) The Future of Financial Innovation

June 2017: Predicting the future is a fool’s game, but a fun one. Global Finance considers where today’s innovations may eventually lead.

2) Auditing Gets Smart

March 2017: Auditors may have suffered a reputational crisis in the wake of recent corporate financial scandals; but using artificial intelligence and data analytics, the profession hopes to reinvent itself.

3) China To Build “Silk Road” For Project Finance

February 2017: China’s “One Belt, One Road” intiative challenges existing project-financing banks for new Asian development. 

4) 2017 Global Cash 25

September 2017: Companies keep increasing their stashes of cash. A rise in the cost of new debt and much-discussed but much-delayed tax reform in the US might finally turn that trend around in 2017—or not.   

5) Trade Winds Shifting

July 2017: New patterns are disrupting global trade, altering relationships and reshaping international business practices. 

6) Trump’s First Year | An Economic Evaluation

December 2017: A year into President Trump’s term, America’s political life has changed beyond recognition. But what has his administration meant for companies?

7) Banks and Fintech Finally Pull Together

January 2017: Young fintech firms started out hoping to eat the banks’ lunch. Now, they’re taking a seat at the table and breaking bread together. 

8) Metadata Makes Sense

September 2017: For banks that have invested in Big Data capabilities but are struggling to generate value from them, metadata can unlock meaningful insights.

9) Fresh Challenges For New Leader At Coke

January 2017: Another Coca-Cola insider rises to the top. 

10) Emerging Markets 2020 | Future Stars

December 2017: After the BRICS and MINT, which emerging-market economies will be tagged as leaders with a jazzy acronym?