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Foreign Financial Folk Turn Bullish On Trump

As the reality of a Donald Trump presidency sinks in with the world's markets, financial professionals and economic groups are choosing to look at the stimulus that could result from the election of the real estate developer turned reality show star.


New Head at Caterpillar Faces Slow Growth

Caterpillar, the US-based leader in the machinery and engine industry, announced thatin January Doug Umpleby, a longtime Caterpillar executive, will succeedDoug Oberhelman as the company’s CEO. He will be challenged by slow growth worldwide.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Wells Fargo To Grow Online, Probably Close Branches

Tim Sloan, newCEO of Wells Fargo, will likely close branches and seek growth online, but even that may not be enough to helpthe San Francisco-based bank change direction in the wake of its cross-selling scandal.

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Obama: US To Lift Sanctions On Myanmar

<strong>Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar’s de facto leader and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, has a change of heart regarding US sanctions against her country.</strong>

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Pharma Prices Raise Eyebrows

<strong>US: </strong>Heather Bresch, the CEO of Mylan, an American pharmaceuticals company, finds herself at the center of one of the biggest pharma controversies in recent years: price-gouging.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Tax Clampdown Looks Beyond Apple

The EU hit Apple with a tax bill, but it's not the only company in regulators' sights.McDonalds, Facebook, Google and Amazonare being called on the carpet about tax practices too.


Can Jet CEO Make Fly?

<strong>US</strong> | Wal-Mart’s decision to buy, a fast-growing e-commerce company, for $3.3 billion is being viewed as a shrewd move for both companies—one that strengthens their ability to compete with Amazon.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Cuba Says Welcome, But Bring Your Own Financing

<strong>Frontier Markets Report: Cuba</strong><br /> Obstacles and contradictions mar Cuba’s environment for foreign direct investment, but its market offers a wealth of opportunity.