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COP27 Supplement

COP 27 comes at a critical time. The world is facing immediate and significant challenges. Not only has the last seven years been the warmest on record, but the Russian-Ukraine War has created serious cereal and foodstuff shortages for numerous countries, including many in Africa, and the sharp rise in energy prices have impacted costs, people’s incomes, and growth. Geopolitical risk has focused more attention on climate change.


Africa Supplement 2022

Africa is witnessing an unprecedented rebound in foreign investment with opportunities in fintech at the forefront. At the same time, the war in Ukraine is causing a crisis in food prices that are hitting the poorest Africa nations the hardest.


Latin America Supplement 2022

While most of the developed world enjoyed record levels of economic activity on the back of supportive central bank policies last year, Latin America and the Caribbean navigated a very different scenario. With a toxic combination of currency devaluation, high inflation and persistent unemployment, the region seems to have taken the brunt of the pandemic crisis, struggling to stage a complete rebound from 2020.