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Changing The Tune On Tokenization

Businesses are finding value in putting real-world assets on blockchains. For years, tokenization—creating a digital representation of a tangible asset...

Transaction Banking

Trade Finance: A New Day

New technologies are reshaping how goods and services are tracked around the world, and opening new options for financing global...


Global Salon: Q&A With André Casterman

André Casterman, founder of Casterman Advisory, advises fintechs and financial institutions on trade finance, capital markets and digital asset technologies....
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Nomo breaks new ground in Islamic digital banking

‘We continue to listen to customer needs,’ says Abdullah Al-Tuwaijri, CEO, Consumer, Private & Digital Banking of Boubyan Bank and board member of Bank of London and The Middle East, the largest Islamic bank in Europe


Supply Chain Finance Growth Trends

Maureen Sullivan, managing director and global head of Supply Chain Finance for MUFG, discusses the trends boosting supply chain finance....

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Bitcoin ETFs Go Live

They may not be epochal, but they could spur innovation. The global business press used words like “watershed,” “breakthrough,” and...


Making The Most Of AI

The introduction of ChatGPT in November 2022 by OpenAI let the generative AI genie out of the bottle. But how...


For Musk, X Means Everything

For Musk, X Means Everything Shortly before Elon Musk purchased Twitter for $44 billion, the Tesla CEO hinted at his...