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Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Landmark Trade Deal Uses Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology finally gets "real" with a letter-of-credit deal betweenOrnua, an Irish dairy company, and state-owned wholesaler Seychelles Trading Company.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

No More Compliance Headaches?

Corporate compliance and due diligence headaches may be easing, as a number of new services have been launched to help companies screen suppliers against global sanctions lists. Ever-increasing regulatory requirements, including broader monitoring and compliance obligations, and ever-changing sanctions and ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Innotribe Expands Challenge To Veterans

This year, Innotribe, the Swift initiative long known for launching fintech start-ups around the globe, changed gears. Rather than running its incubators and challenges throughout the globe, it focused on two emerging fintech hubs: Latin America and Africa. That opened ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Distributed Ledgers Prove Useful

Use cases for blockchain technology are rapidly being developed and tested throughout the financial services industry—and beyond—from the Australian Securities Exchange to payments infrastructure providers. But perhaps one of the most compelling areas where blockchain could truly redefine financial services ...


Best-Performing Companies In The Middle East

There are big changes at the top of the rankings this year, and there is greater geographical diversity in the list. Companies in the region are dealing with a number of serious headwinds and broader economic and market changes, which are starting to take their toll.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

FX: Free To Use, But Not To Trade

Capital Markets | Foreign Exchange Controls In early November, Chinese Communist Party leaders announced plans to make the renminbi a “freely tradable and usable currency” by 2020—when the latest five-year development plan is set to finish—according to a statement by the party’s Xinhua News Agency.