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Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Treasury & Cash Management: Cash Is (Still) King

The more things change, the more they stay the same. A cliché, to be sure, but one that rings true right now for corporate treasury & cash management. Companies continue to hold on to cash, as is abundantly clear in ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Treasury & Cash Management: Nick Fanandakis, CFO, DuPont

CFO INTERVIEW — A GLOBAL VIEW By Denise Bedell Nick Fanandakis, EVP and CFO of global agriculture, industrial bioscience and advanced materials company DuPont, sat down with Global Finance to discuss the firm’s growth strategy, resource allocation and ...


SIBOS 2013

A GLOBAL CONNECTION SWIFT’s annual Sibos conference is just around the corner, and this year attendees will gather in Dubai. With Middle Eastern companies following the trend now seen in many emerging markets and increasing the sophistication of their ...


Payment Instruments: Card Payments

<p>According to the Bank for International Settlements, card-based payment products are electronic money products that provide the customer with a portable, specialized computer device, typically an integrated circuit card containing a microprocessor chip. Data is from the Bank for International ...</p>


Payment Instruments: E-Money

<p>The European Commission Office of Internal Markets defines e-money--or electronic money--as the digital equivalent of cash, stored on an electronic device or remotely at a server. Data is from the Bank for International Settlements' Statistics on payment, clearing and settlement ...</p>


Payment Instruments: E-Payments

<p>Electronic payment can refer just to e-commerce--or payments for buying and selling goods or services offered online--or to any type of electronic funds transfer. It includes such payment channels as direct debit, e-money, card payments, and credit transfers. Data is ...</p>


Payment Instruments: Checks

<p>According to the Bank for International Settlements, a check is a written order from one party (the drawer) to another (the drawee, normally a bank) requiring the drawee to pay a specified sum on demand to the drawer or to ...</p>


Payment Instruments: Credit Transfers

<p>According to the BIS, a credit transfer is a payment order made for the purpose of placing funds at the disposal of the beneficiary, with the payment instructions and funds moving from the bank of the payer/originator to the bank ...</p>


Payment Instruments: Direct Debits

<p>According to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS,) a direct debit is a preauthorized debit on a payer’s bank account initiated by the payee. It is also known as a pre-authorized debit (PAD) or pre-authorized payment (PAP.) Data is from ...</p>


Payments Volumes Worldwide

<p>According to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), a payment system consists of a set of instruments, banking procedures and, typically, interbank funds transfer systems that ensure the circulation of money. More simply, it is a system to handle the ...</p>

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Annual Supplement: Technology & Treasury Management

ADAPT TO SURVIVE Being innovative is much more difficult to achieve than it is to discuss. Particularly in the highly complex, highly structured environment of the average transaction bank. Add in ever-tightening purse strings and the absolute requirement to ...