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Emerging & Frontier Markets

Chile: No Pain, No Gain

The country seeks increased investment after an expected short economic contraction.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

New CPTPP Chips Away At U.S. Prestige

U.S. President Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership prompted the other 11 nations that were party to the agreement to forge ahead in a new pact without the U.S.

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Latin America: Back on Track

Good news from Latin America: With Brazil and Argentina coming out of the 2015-2016 recession, the region has returned to expansion mode and is expected to gain economic strength this year and next. The return of capital inflows and an apparent change in foreign direct investment (FDI) are the most evident signs that investors’ views of South and Central America have tilted more to the positive of late. The region is back on track.


Latin America Back On Track

A nascent global recovery is improving prospects across Latin America and the Caribbean—albeit unevenly.Foreign direct investment is increasing, commodity prices have bottomed out, and six countries will hold presidential elections through the end of October.