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Award Winners

World’s Best Banks: Latin America Country Winners

LATIN AMERICA Building On Solid Foundations Few financial systems around the world have recovered from the 2008 global economic downturn as quickly as Latin America’s, with lessons learned from previous crises—both foreign and domestic—serving them well. Having financed their ...


Santos Raises Colombia’s Profile

NEWSMAKERS : COLOMBIA By Antonio Guerrero Less than a year after being sworn in, Colombia’s president Juan Manuel Santos is helping put his country back on the radar for investors scared away by guerrilla rebels and drug lords. ...


Ecuador / US: Record Fine Sparks Fierce Legal Battle

MILESTONES: ECUADOR/UNITED STATES By Antonio Guerrero Still waiting: Chevron's appeal delays payment of its fine When a provincial court in Ecuador in February ordered Chevron to pay an $8.6 billion fine for damaging the rainforest, the ruling intensified an ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Emerging Markets Focus: Latin America

COVER STORY: MUTUAL BENEFITS By Antonio Guerrero Latin America is enjoying growing prosperity as the region develops ever-stronger economic ties with Asia. When Chinese President Hu Jintao took his first tour of Latin America in 2004, he ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Country Focus: Peru

SECOND ACT By Antonio Guerrero In his second term, Peru’s president Alan Garcia is making amends for the shambles he left his country in after his first term. Peruvian president Alan Garcia is leading one of the ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Books Excerpt: Losing Control

BOOKS —LOSING CONTROL By Stephen D. King The world is witnessing a massive redistribution of wealth as the West learns it can no longer live beyond its means, says HSBC's group chief economist Stephen D. King, author of ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

New Leader Promises To Heal Regional Wounds

NEWSMAKERS: COLOMBIA By Antonio Guerrero Juan Manuel Santos Colombians have reaffirmed their support for conservative politics and economics, electing the newest member of a growing group of right-wing Latin American leaders. President-elect Juan Manuel Santos won the run-off ...