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Emerging & Frontier Markets

Qatar: Spotlight On Labor Reform

MIDDLE EAST 2014 SUPPLEMENT By Gordon Platt Occurring on the global stage, the World Cup 2022 is helping to highlight labor market reform in Qatar. At least 400 Nepalese construction workers have died in Qatar in the ...


World’s Best Investment Banks 2014

ANNUAL AWARDS: HIGH-OCTANE YEAR Global investment banks will face a tremendous challenge as they strive to continue running their underwriting businesses at the elevated levels they reached in 2013. Many of the largest banks on Wall Street reaped a windfall ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Regional Report: Latin America

THE TRADE CONUNDRUM By Antonio Guerrero Do open-door trade policies provide greater long-term benefits? Or is protectionism worth the costs?...


Cover Story: The Volcker Effect

PROPRIETARY TRADING By Michael Shari Corporate clients of investment banks around the world could see a dramatic impact from the...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Risk Management: Insuring Trade Credit

A CONVERSATION STARTER By Paula L. Green Trade credit insurance is making it easier for companies to interact with their suppliers around the world, and usage is soaring as global corporations recognize the risk-mitigating benefits. For L’Oreal ...


SEPA Compliant: To Be Or Not To Be?

SPECIAL REPORT By Anita Hawser To be or not to be? Compliant, that is. Apparently, the answer is it doesn’t matter—at least not yet. Just a few weeks before the February 1 SEPA deadline came to pass, the ...

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Slashing Saudi Oil Reliance

COUNTRY REPORT By Gordon Platt The coming year could be crucial for Saudi Arabia, as the Middle Eastern powerhouse deals...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Smooth Move: Equity Derivs Offset Risk

MARKET FOCUS By Jonathan Gregson Equity derivatives are no longer the preserve of hedge funds. Institutional investors and corporates are increasingly using them to offset risk and manage share buybacks. Equity derivatives markets emerged from their post-financial-crisis ...


World’s Best Trade Finance Banks

Jump To See Winners ANNUAL SURVEY: TRADE FINANCE BECOMES AN ASSET CLASS Global Finance presents its annual awards for the Best Trade Finance Institutions globally, regionally, and by country. The outlook for the trade finance business in 2014 is rosy, ...


World’s Best Trade Finance Banks 2014

<em style="font-size: 13px; line-height: 20px; text-align: justify;">Global Finance<span style="font-size: 13px; line-height: 20px; text-align: justify;">magazine named the World’s Best Trade Finance Banks 2014.</span>

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Will the ‘Google Tax’ Go Viral?

Tax officials perplexed by Google (Photo: CoolCaesar) If 2013 was the year public opinion turned solidly against the tax avoidance...