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Italy: Remodeling The Vatican Bank

MILESTONES By Luca Ventura The oldest multinational in the world is about to get a substantial makeover. The news came on February 24th, when its CEO, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, also known as pope Francis, issued a Motu Proprio, ...


Middle East: Islamic Finance Flourishes

MIDDLE EAST 2014 SUPPLEMENT By Gordon Platt Islamic finance is going mainstream, with Western countries planning to issue their first sovereign sukuk. It still constitutes only a small percentage of total global financial assets, and most activity is ...


World’s Best Investment Banks 2014

ANNUAL AWARDS: HIGH-OCTANE YEAR Global investment banks will face a tremendous challenge as they strive to continue running their underwriting businesses at the elevated levels they reached in 2013. Many of the largest banks on Wall Street reaped a windfall ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

UK: Britain Is A Tax Haven

MILESTONES By Ronald Fink Fiat-Chryslers move from Italy to London, and the plans of other multinationals to relocate to the...
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Global M&A Falls To Lowest Since 2009

CORPORATE FINANCING NEWS By Gordon Platt The value of global mergers and acquisitions has failed to pick up, despite low interest rates and an improving global economy. Worldwide M&A totaled $2.4 trillion in 2013, a decline of 6% ...


SEPA Compliant: To Be Or Not To Be?

SPECIAL REPORT By Anita Hawser To be or not to be? Compliant, that is. Apparently, the answer is it doesn’t matter—at least not yet. Just a few weeks before the February 1 SEPA deadline came to pass, the ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Smooth Move: Equity Derivs Offset Risk

MARKET FOCUS By Jonathan Gregson Equity derivatives are no longer the preserve of hedge funds. Institutional investors and corporates are increasingly using them to offset risk and manage share buybacks. Equity derivatives markets emerged from their post-financial-crisis ...