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Frontier Markets Report: Côte d’Ivoire

RETURN TO GLORY? <br /> Côte d’Ivoire has the opportunity to regain its status as a leading African economy. Blessed with a wealth of natural resources, a pleasant climate, a strategicallocationand a level of infrastructure unrivaled in West Africa, Côte d’Ivoire was long recognized as one of the continent postcolonial stars.

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<p><strong>East Africa is a hotbed of new oil and natural gas finds. Most countries are taking a slow and measured approach to developing their resource boon, but will they avoid the resource curse that plagued many early-developers? </strong></p>

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Risk Management: Emerging Markets Risks

SEEKING CONSISTENCY By Paula Green Multinationals struggle to manage business risks—such as political, reputational and tax risks—and insurance issues, as they expand their emerging markets footprint. And some of those risks are on the rise. Ace Hardware ...

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Emerging Markets Roundup: Africa

CHEVRON BOOSTS ITS INVEST-MENT IN AFRICAN BLACK GOLD By Antonio Guerrero Global oil group Chevron approved a $5.6 billion development project in Angola. The Mafumeira Sul offshore oil field will be its second-largest African investment, after the Agbami ...

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The 10%+ Club

COVER STORY: THE 10% + CLUB By Laurence Neville Predicting what countries will be the next growth outperformers is tricky at best. Those firms that back the winners will undoubtedly profit, and the countries that make the ...


Global Economic Indicators: Key Sources and Links

Global Finance’s selection of the best links to authoritative sources of global economic statistics, indicators and data. INTERNATIONAL SOURCES FOR GLOBAL ECONOMIC STATISTICS IMF – International Monetary Fund: Homepage Data and Statistics World Economic Outlook database on selected macroeconomic ...

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Features : Risky Business

FOCUS / ECONOMIC NATIONALISM As if the global credit squeeze were not enough, multinationals, particularly in the commodities industries, are also facing a surge in resource nationalism.   Horne: Companies are investing in riskier areas. Fueled in part by soaring ...