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Economics, Policy & Regulation

Middle East: A Different Kind Of Fuel

Oil may be the liquid that drives many of the economies in the Middle East, but the spread of the Internet has unleashed a new generation of tech-entrepreneurs and start-ups, fueling hopes of a non-oil economy for the future.

Emerging & Frontier Markets

North Africa: Trading In Stability

ANNUAL SUPPLEMENT: AFRICA 2013 By Dan Keeler Developed-markets watchers hope tightening trade ties and increasing foreign direct investment will help ease tensions in North Africa. Two years after the Arab Spring swept through North Africa and beyond, ...


Country Report: Egypt

WAITING FOR THE RENAISSANCE By Gordon Platt Egypt’s elections promised much in terms of building a modern and democratic state. But the realities of governing for the Muslim Brotherhood are proving more difficult than initially thought—and some economic ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Country Report: Turkey

ENGINEERING THE NEW TURKEY By Justin Keay Major infrastructure investments and improved economic strength are just two of a number of positive developments to come out of Turkey in the past year. Ankara stunned investors in February ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance


<p><strong>East Africa is a hotbed of new oil and natural gas finds. Most countries are taking a slow and measured approach to developing their resource boon, but will they avoid the resource curse that plagued many early-developers? </strong></p>

Award Winners

World’s Best Banks 2013: Middle East

By Thomas Clouse, Jonathan Gregson, Antonio Guerrero & Gordon Platt CONSERVATIVE LENDING AND RECORD EARNINGS IN THE MIDDLE EAST Many of the largest banks in the Middle East posted record earnings in 2012, as they continued to pursue conservative lending ...


Middle East 2013: Transition Economies

DEFYING EXPECTATIONS By Gordon Platt For many, the Arab Spring symbolizes years of painful economic and political reforms ahead. But financial institutions are upbeat about the region’s prospects, noting that markets such as Iraq and Libya continue to ...


Country Report: Lebanon

DRAGGING A GEOPOLITICAL ANCHOR By Justin Keay There were few bright spots for Lebanon over the past year. However, the banking and real estate sectors showed encouraging signs, and a recovery has begun. Despite their traditional stoicism, ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Emerging Markets Review: Middle East Oil Glut

OIL GLUT   By Gordon Platt   High oil prices have enabled the Middle East’s major oil producers to finance infrastructure investments despite the global slowdown. But the jig might soon be up.   With its massive inflow of oil-export ...


Report: Qatar Faces Geopolitical Risk

GRAND VISIONS   By Anita Hawser   Qatar has used its oil and gas wealth to finance its global ambitions. But its economy remains vulnerable to ever-present geopolitical tensions.   For a small country, Qatar certainly punches above its weight ...


Islamic Finance Goes Global

COMING OF AGE   By Anit a Hawser   Islamic finance is starting to spread within the countries of North Africa with high Muslim concentrations.   Any discussion of Islamic finance usually includes Islamic financial hubs such as Malaysia or ...