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Corporate Tax Rates by Country

Taxes paid by corporations can be measured in a number of ways, including the marginal corporate tax rate and the total taxes paid as a percentage of profits.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance


In our 21st annual survey, Global Finance identifies the best banks in 150 countries and eight regions. The winners are not always the biggest banks, but rather, the best—those with the qualities that corporations should look for when choosing a bank.



The financial system in Africa varies from the highly developed banking institutions of South Africa and Nigeria to the barely organized banking sector of South Sudan, the world’s newest country.
Browse economic indicators and data sets


Browse economic indicators and data sets, selected by <em>Global Finance </em>editors, to learn more about Sudan economic outlook, debt-to-GDP ratio, international trade performance and population trends.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

The Two Faces Of Africa

Africa continues to outperform other emerging markets, but not all of its 54 countries are moving at the same pace when it comes to political, economic and social developments.


Islamic Trade Finance: New Silk Road Getting Crowded

SPECIAL REPORT: ISLAMIC TRADE FINANCE By Anita Hawser Islamic trade finance is of increasing interest, but whether it will be successful depends on market forces. Shariah-compliant trade finance is an ancient tradition with a long history of supporting economic activity ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Africa’s Mobile Banking: Boom Or Bust?

ANNUAL SUPPLEMENT: AFRICA 2013 By Erik Heinrich Africa’s mobile-banking boom is a complicated tale of East versus West. But who’s approach will prove right in the end? Mobile banking is a force for social and economic change ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Global: Russia Moves Into High-Income

MILESTONES By Gordon Platt At a time when economic activity in Russia has lost its momentum, the World Bank is elevating the country to high-income status. According to the World Bank’s latest annual classification of the world’s ...