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Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Global: Russia Moves Into High-Income

MILESTONES By Gordon Platt At a time when economic activity in Russia has lost its momentum, the World Bank is elevating the country to high-income status. According to the World Bank’s latest annual classification of the world’s ...

Award Winners

World’s Best Islamic Financial Institutions 2013: Country Winners

<p>World’s Best Islamic Financial Institutions 2013: Country Winners Algeria Banque Al Baraka D’Algérie Bahrain Al Baraka Islamic Bank Bahrain Bangladesh Islamic Bank Bangladesh Brunei Darussalam Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Egypt Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt Indonesia Bank Muamalat Indonesia Jordan ...</p>


Middle East 2013: Takaful Insurance

SHARING RISK By Anita Hawser Takaful insurance markets are growing steadily in the Gulf, but the regulatory framework is still developing in some countries. Taking out car, property or life insurance is second nature in the West, ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Risk Management: Emerging Markets Risks

SEEKING CONSISTENCY By Paula Green Multinationals struggle to manage business risks—such as political, reputational and tax risks—and insurance issues, as they expand their emerging markets footprint. And some of those risks are on the rise. Ace Hardware ...


World’s Best Banks 2012: Global Winners

By Gordon Platt, Thomas Clouse, Jonathan Gregson & Antonio Guerrero Global Winners BEST CORPORATE BANK Deutsche Bank Deutsche Bank, the largest bank in Germany, is a leading global corporate and investment bank and has long been the top foreign exchange ...


Africa: Oil & Gas

DIFFFICULT CHOICES   By Antonio Guerrero   African oil producers stand to benefit from continued sanctions on Iranian oil exports. But their path is not without challenges.   As the US and EU tighten the screws on Iran, imposing sanctions ...


Africa: Growth Of Pan-African Banks

BANKING ON AFRICA   By Erik Heinrich   A continent-wide boom is shaping a new breed of pan-African lenders.   The future has never looked brighter for sub-Saharan Africa. Many of its economies are expanding at annual rates of 6% ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Country Report: Nigeria

TIME FOR CHANGE By Antonio Guerrero Nigeria holds great promise with its massive oil reserves, but endemic corruption, unfettered militant attacks on pipelines and lack of regulatory clarity could halt progress in its tracks. When the Nigerian ...