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Country Report

Balkan Nations Seek Their Moment In The Sun

Casting off a checkered past, the region’s diverse economies are resurgent, with a focus on investment and reforms—and sustaining their crucial small and midsize enterprises.

Country Report

Banking On The Future

During complex times for Turkey, banks, at least, can rest assured that their system is running smoothly, is well capitalized and well regulated.

Country Report

Indonesia Giving Mixed Messages

President Jokowi is a radical departure from Indonesia’s political and military elite, which perhaps explains why he is such a populist leader at home. But foreign investors find him difficult to read.

Country Report

Turkey’s Contradictions

Strong growth and other upbeat data in 2015 bucked the West’s collective vision of a nation in crisis. But without structural reforms, the picture may darken.

Country Report

Angola Has A Fork In The Road

Riding the commodities boom, Angola’s economy seemed invincible against recent global shocks. But the current slump in oil prices is forcing the country to rethink its dependence on oil.

Country Report

Strengthening The Financial System

<strong>Q+A</strong><br /> José Pedro de Morais, governor of Banco Nacional de Angola, spoke with Global Finance about the central bank’s efforts to restore order and build confidence in the country’s financial system.


Cutting The Cord In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the Gulf Cooperation Council’s largest economy, but major economic, political and social challenges threaten the kingdom’s immediate economic future. Reducing its dependence on oil and gas is now a case of when, not if.

Country Report

Has Italy Turned A Corner?

The foundations for economic recovery have been laid by Matteo Renzi’s government, which is tackling fundamental issues at the heart of Italy’s problems. But he has yet to work his magic on public spending.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Czech Banks Are Lending

In November the European Investment Bank published its latest Bank Lending Survey for Central Europe and Southeastern Europe.