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Country Report

Q&A w/Al Ahli: Stability Despite Conditions

Michel Accad, who took over as CEO at Al Ahli Bank Kuwait in May 2014, talks toGlobal Finance about why the Kuwait banking system remains solid despite falling oil prices and other pressures.

Country Report

Israel: Focused On The High End

Israel'seconomy depends on foreign trade,and that presents a challenge under current conditions. Policymakers remain focused on high-tech while keeping an eye on global political developments.

Country Report

Qatar Loosens Guest Worker Rules

Qatar plans to spend more than $200 billion on infrastructure projects, including roads, bridges, railways, and ports, and has loosened guest worker sponsor requirements to facilitate recruitment.

Country Report

Tunisia’s Progress Stalls

Investors face economic uncertainty and jihadist threats, but the government has plans to attract more investment from foreign firms.

Country Report

Croatia: Seeking Stability

Like other geographic regions once under communist rule, Croatia has traveled a chaotic road to statehood, but it is now solidifying its economic and political progress.

Country Report

India Set For Rebirth

Policy changes and consistent growth have positioned India to draw fresh investment.