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Country Report

India: Meet The New Gov, Same As The Old Gov

Raghuram Rajan's departureashead of the Reserve Bank of India to return to teaching at theUniversity of Chicago, made some Indians fear upheaval, but with his deputy taking the helm, stability is expected.

Country Report

Egypt Gets With The Program

<strong>Egypt </strong>| Its IMF loan could ease investor concerns and end its foreign exchange shortage.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

The China Syndrome

<strong>ASIA | </strong>As the regional powerhouse restructures and tackles debt problems, neighboring nations are feeling the impact.

Country Report

Asia’s Big-Project Funding Gap

<strong>ASIA |TheAsian Infrastructure Investment Bankbegan its efforts tofinance Asia’s vast need for infrastructure this year. What are the prospects?</strong>


Economic Reforms Sweep Gulf States

These are exciting times for the nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), as the decline in oil revenues is forcing them to finally make dramatic changes to their oil-based economies.


Kuwait Takes Action

Striving to shake its oil dependence, Kuwait is opening up to foreign ownership. Will investors bite?


Will the dollar peg come unglued?

GCC nations are constantly recalculating the cost/benefit ratio of maintaining the dollar peg. Lately, external pressures give the question new urgency.