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Economics, Policy & Regulation

An Odd Twist In The Geopolitics Of Gas

Global energy markets are attending closely to recent natural gas discoveries in the eastern Mediterranean and their implications for the availability and pricing of energy resources.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Apple Turns To Celebrity CEO

When Apple announced back in October that it had hired Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to lead its retail operations, the initial shock among analysts and investors wore off quickly. Though it was a surprise move, it made perfect sense.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Editor’s Letter: The New Geography

There is a new definition of the emerging markets and their characteristics that confutes many old and accepted axioms; for example, the idea that the cost of labor is cheaper in developing countries, or that governance is more advanced and regulations are more enforced in developed countries.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Europe: Dark Clouds Down South

While Central Europe appears to be recovering from the effects of the global economic downturn, Southeastern Europe is in for a rougher ride.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Frontier Markets: Gold Rush In Myanmar?

Myanmar may be the last frontier market in Asia, with plenty of natural resources and a government targeting growth of over 7.5% for the next five years. Still, while investors remain cautiously optimistic,the economic transition will need to be delicately handled.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Georgia: Young Guns Now Riding Herd

Over the past year, Georgia has undergone a major political face-lift. Since the Georgian Dream coalition, led by billionaire businessman Bidzina Ivanishvili, won parliamentary elections in October 2012, a cadre of relatively young and inexperienced politicians has risen to the government’s top posts.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Global Salon: John Alan James

Global Finance sat down with John Alan James, executive director, Pace University Center for Global Governance, Reporting & Regulation. James’s distinguished career in management consulting, governance and academia spans 25 years in Europe and more than 20 years in Asia.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Globalization At A Crossroads

Twelve months is a long time in financial markets, and the phenomenon of globalization appears to have reached a fork in the road, with growth in emerging markets looking challenged. Is the globalization frenzy coming to an end?

Economics, Policy & Regulation

How Detroit Rattled Puerto Rico

Saddled with debt of $70 billion, Puerto Rico’s government is doing its best to reassure US investors that it will honor its financial commitments and that its beleaguered finances will be remedied.


India And Indonesia: Going Cold Turkey

The prospect of US Fed “tapering” is still taking its toll on Indonesia and India, as both nations face mounting deficits and international pressure for structural reform.


India: Changing The Mix

The Reserve Bank of India wants foreign banks operating in India to convert into wholly-owned subsidiaries and enjoy “near-national” treatment.