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Emerging & Frontier Markets

Emerging Markets : Russia

Devaluation of the ruble is over, says Kudrin, Russia's finance minister.   The Kremlin rolled out a revised version of its economic crisis plan, extending additional credits to the beleaguered banking sector possibly at the expense of direct loans to ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Emerging Markets Roundup: Russia

Sechin: Russia's deputy prime minister and Rosneft chairman In a signal that the Russian government is increasingly aware of the financial constraints it is facing, a top Kremlin adviser said that the state would not be bailing out any more ...


Features : Hard Landing

Banking crisis / central & eastern europe Central and Eastern Europe has suffered more than most regions as a result of the credit crunch. Some are concerned that economic turmoil may lead to social unrest.   Ukrainian prime minister, Yulia ...


Milestones : Corporate Europe Set For Equity Rush

<p>EUROPE     Cash is costly for Hammerson, developer of this UK cineplex With headlines dominated by bank bailouts totaling billions of dollars, it’s easy to get blasé about the scale of the challenge facing the global economy. Nevertheless, a ...</p>

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Emerging & Frontier Markets

Emerging Markets : Medvedev’s Troubles Set Stage For Putin’s Return

RUSSIA     Medvedev: Struggling through a turbulent first year in office. The Russian government is struggling to contain a rapidly unfolding and sharply accelerating economic crisis. The ruble has continued to slide—the currency has devalued 10% against the dollar ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Features : Crash landing

CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE Central and Eastern Europe has transformed from a beacon of hope into a near basket case astonishingly quickly. Its recovery will be a far slower and no less painful process.   Hard hit: Hungary was one ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Newsmakers : Oligarchs Face A Bleak Future

RUSSIA     Deripaska: A dramatic turnaround The global financial crisis is sucking Russia’s oligarchs into its vortex. Information provider Bloomberg recently estimated that the combined wealth of the 25 richest Russians had plummeted 62% over the six-month period ended ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Emerging Markets : Russia Bears Brunt Of Global Sell-off

RUSSIA       The global flight from risky assets saw $1 trillion wiped off Moscow's stock market.   Russia continued to be buffeted by the global financial crisis, with the country’s stock index plummeting nearly 70% from all-time highs ...