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Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Bullish US Investors In China Shop

CORPORATE FINANCING NEWS By Gordon Platt As exchanges in London, Hong Kong and New York compete for the opportunity to host an expected $15 billion initial public offering by China’s e-commerce leader Alibaba, US investors are once again ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Ex-Warehouse Worker Named Wal-Mart Boss

NEWSMAKERS By Valentina Pasquali US retail giant Wal-Mart is going for tradition and loyalty in selecting its new CEO and president. In an effort to strengthen its bottom line at a time when the industry is in a ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Foreign Exchange: Dollar Days

CORPORATE FINANCING NEWS By Gordon Platt Despite the euro’s surprisingly strong showing in 2013, analysts expect the dollar to advance against most major currencies this year. The euro won’t be allowed to continue to appreciate, or it will ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Apple Turns To Celebrity CEO

When Apple announced back in October that it had hired Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to lead its retail operations, the initial shock among analysts and investors wore off quickly. Though it was a surprise move, it made perfect sense.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Blackberry Not Seeking A White Knight

John Chen, 58, is taking over as the interim CEO of BlackBerry, the Canadian mobile-phone company that only four years ago was one of the fastest-growing technology companies in North America and is now fighting for survival. But what he can achieve there is anybody’s guess.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Caterpillar CEO Riding Out Slump

As third-quarter profits plunged 44%, US heavy equipment-manufacturer Caterpillar slashed its 2013 profit forecast for the third quarter in a row. Caterpillar is being hit with lower demand in nearly all its major business sectors, but about three-quarters of the drop in sales were the result of lower sales of mining equipment.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Cover: Manufacturing’s New Lease On Life

American and foreign manufacturers alike are investing billions of dollars all across the United States, as the world’s most competitive economy shows tantalizing signs of recovery. Rising labor costs in other parts of the world means reshoring is gathering pace.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

DRs: Return On Receipts

The major emerging markets are attracting renewed interest from investors. The uptick comes at a time when companies from these fast-developing countries need capital to grow and are turning to depositary receipts to tap into the deeper capital markets in the developed world.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Editor’s Letter: The New Geography

There is a new definition of the emerging markets and their characteristics that confutes many old and accepted axioms; for example, the idea that the cost of labor is cheaper in developing countries, or that governance is more advanced and regulations are more enforced in developed countries.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

How Detroit Rattled Puerto Rico

Saddled with debt of $70 billion, Puerto Rico’s government is doing its best to reassure US investors that it will honor its financial commitments and that its beleaguered finances will be remedied.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Junk Bond Issuance: Scrapped

CORPORATE FINANCING NEWS High-yield corporate bond issuance and trading have slowed considerably in the face of uncertainty about Federal Reserve monetary policy, at a time when chairman Ben Bernanke is about to hand over the reins to Janet Yellen, ...