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Custody Battle

With the growth in digital assets, there’s a growing need for secure custody. Fintech startups are ready, but where are the banks?

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

New York Warms To Cryptos

New York City joins Singapore and Hong Kong in embracing cryptocurrencies, albeit gingerly.


The End Of Easy Money

Low interest rates have distorted stock prices, real estate markets and balance sheets. When central banks finally shut off the spigot, it won’t be pretty.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Tax Bends & Breaks

New rules could make it harder for companies to book profits in places with favorable tax rates.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

CFOs Boxed Out By Compliance?

CFOs are now so consumed by the need to meet expanding compliance requirements, they’re finding it harder to focus on big-picture strategy.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Transfer Pricing: A Risky Juggling Act

Transfer pricing—price-setting for sales within a corporate family—for maximum returns takes on heightened risk as governments crack down on creative tax-avoidance maneuvers.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Hanjin: Coal Mine Canary?

Some believe Hanjin's bankruptcy signals that quantitative easing has no more power, and a global recession is on the horizon.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Singapore Cracks Down To Save Its Reputation

<strong>Singapore </strong>| The Monetary Authority of Singapore is establishing a new team to bolster monitoring of financial institutions and enforcement of rules againstmoney laundering.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

How Brexit Might Play Out

Even though the votewas a long time coming, few really prepared for the UK choosingBrexit. Now, business executives and political players are guesstimating the most likely scenariosand speculating how it will play out.

Country Report

Indonesia Giving Mixed Messages

President Jokowi is a radical departure from Indonesia’s political and military elite, which perhaps explains why he is such a populist leader at home. But foreign investors find him difficult to read.