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Capital Raising & Corporate Finance


Leila Heckman, head of international equities at Lebenthal Asset Management, joined us for our monthly Salon to discuss the increased acceptance of global diversification among portfolio managers and the reasons behind her approach to investing.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Global Salon: Georges Ugeux

EMERGING MARKETS 2.0 By Udayan Gupta At Global Finance ’s Salon in New York in January, Georges Ugeux, CEO of New York–based investment bank Galileo Global Advisors, discussed the economic landscape faced by India and China in 2014 ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Blackberry Not Seeking A White Knight

John Chen, 58, is taking over as the interim CEO of BlackBerry, the Canadian mobile-phone company that only four years ago was one of the fastest-growing technology companies in North America and is now fighting for survival. But what he can achieve there is anybody’s guess.


India: Changing The Mix

The Reserve Bank of India wants foreign banks operating in India to convert into wholly-owned subsidiaries and enjoy “near-national” treatment.

Country Report

Country Report: Poland

NO QUICK FIXES By Udayan Gupta Poland withstood the recent global economic recession relatively well, thanks to its sound economic policies, healthy economic fundamentals and broad-based support for large and small enterprises. A little more than two ...


Salon: Robert Annibale, Citi

STRADDLING TWO WORLDS By Udayan Gupta Robert Annibale, global director of Citi Microfinance & Community Development, sat down with Global Finance to discuss the increasing importance of microfinance in banking’s global expansion. Microfinancing and microfinance institutions (MFIs) ...


Milestones: New Frontiers In Financing For Bangladesh

MILESTONES: BANGLADESH By Udayan Gupta Even as Bangladesh tries to extricate itself from the Rana Plaza building collapse, the Dhaka disaster that killed more than 1,100 garment workers, one private equity fund is trying to infuse new capital into ...


Salon: Izzet Bensusan, Karbone

<p>TRADING IN THE GREEN By Udayan Gupta At Global Finance ’s monthly Salon, Izzet Bensusan, executive director of renewable-energy investment boutique Karbone, discussed the market dynamics, financing and investment oppor-tunities for alternative energy. PHOTO: KATE FREY Given a politically ...</p>


Cover: New Role For Central Banks?

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES By Udayan Gupta The world’s central banks are on a desperate mission to stave off deflation. But even if their short-term fixes work, the long-term outcomes may have unplanned results. Central banks are in an ...