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Emerging & Frontier Markets

Milestones : Rating Slides As Default Looms

ARGENTINA       President Kirchner makes overtures to avoid debt default. After months of analysts’ warnings that Argentina may be facing a new debt default, Standard & Poor’s agreed. The ratings agency lowered Argentina’s sovereign rating on October 31 ...

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Cover Story : Capitalizing on the Crisis

  CAPITALIZING ON THE CRISIS RETURN OF THE IMF As crippled nations beat a path to its door, the IMF is enjoying a dramatic return from near-irrelevance. How it wields its revived power and influence will determine its long-term future. ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance: Dollar Shoots Higher Amid Financial Crisis

FOREIGN EXCHANGE       As the financial crisis shook Europe’s banks last month, the European Central Bank joined in a coordinated half-point rate cut with the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and other central banks, excluding the Bank ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

EM Investor: Latin Steelmaker Builds Empire

<p>COMPANY TO WATCH: GERDAU/BRAZIL     As the global steel industry consolidates, Brazil’s Gerdau is on the prowl. The company already is the largest producer of long steel in the Americas, where it has operations in a dozen countries. It ...</p>


Milestones : Argentina Seeks End To Default Saga

ARGENTINA       Seeing off the debt: Kirchner hopes investors will accept deal.   In a major policy reversal, the Argentine government is reaching out to holdouts from its $100 billion debt workout in which bondholders received a 70% ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Milestones : IMF Seeks To Buff Up Tarnished Image

UNITED STATES       IMF: Many view it as responsible for causing, not reducing, poverty. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is not likely to win any popularity contests anywhere in the world these days. Emerging market governments have been ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Milestones : Rating Downgrade Bucks Local Trend

ARGENTINA   Don't cry for me: Kirchner's woes deepen as inflation accelerates. While Peru and Brazil crossed the investment-grade threshold this year, Argentina is moving in the opposite direction. Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s downgraded Argentina’s foreign and local long-term ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance : JPMorgan Adds Dr Staff In Latin America, Asia

GLOBAL EQUITY/DRS     JPMorgan has added new depositary receipt specialists in Argentina, Brazil and Singapore to assist the growing number of companies in these countries that want to have their equity traded on exchanges outside their home markets. The ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Newsmakers : In The Hot Seat

<p>ARGENTINA   Fernandez: His appointment unsettled financial markets. As he slips into the seat occupied by four others in less than a year, Argentina’s new economy minister, Carlos Fernandez, faces the unenviable task of restoring confidence in his government’s economic ...</p>

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Focus: Nafta : A Controversial Treaty

Multinationals And Nafta Much lambasted for its effects on the poor, Nafta has proved successful at opening the North American markets—and promoted corporate growth in the process.     As the US presidential primary campaigns neared their conclusion in March, ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Cover Story : Continental Shift

LATIN AMERICA REGIONAL REPORT Latin American governments’ attempts to gain more control over their countries’ economic fortunes are having far-reaching effects on international corporations doing business in the region.       Left in charge: Brazilian president Lula da Silva ...