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Economics, Policy & Regulation

Cover: Emerging Markets Elections

By Laurence Neville Thirty-four developing countriesincluding all of the so-called Fragile Five nationswill have elections this year. Their results will...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Vietnam: Not For The Faint Of Heart

FRONTIER MARKETS REPORT<br /> Vietnam has great potential, but it also has significant hurdles to overcome to improve its business climate for foreign investors. Given the government’s dominance of industries such as agriculture, utilities and banking, those looking to invest must be prepared for the challenge.
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World’s Best Trade Finance Banks

Jump To See Winners ANNUAL SURVEY: TRADE FINANCE BECOMES AN ASSET CLASS Global Finance presents its annual awards for the Best Trade Finance Institutions globally, regionally, and by country. The outlook for the trade finance business in 2014 is rosy, ...


World’s Best Trade Finance Banks 2014

<em style="font-size: 13px; line-height: 20px; text-align: justify;">Global Finance<span style="font-size: 13px; line-height: 20px; text-align: justify;">magazine named the World’s Best Trade Finance Banks 2014.</span>

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Asia: Backing The Right Horse

REGIONAL FOCUS By Thomas Clouse With China’s economy slowing, investors are pondering where the next big growth story will come from in emerging Asia. Many are betting on the ASEAN countries, which face regional, economic and political hurdles. ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Cover Story: New Game, New Rules

FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT By Valentina Pasquali Global foreign direct investment is undergoing a seismic shift as emerging markets countries are...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Supply Chain: Rising Tides Of Risk

RISK MANAGEMENT By Andrew Osterland As companies expand their supply chains globally, the hazards they face—from extreme weather events to political upheavals—expand too. Managing such risks comprehensively beats rolling the dice. The lure of fast-growing markets and ...


World’s Best Foreign Exchange Providers

ANNUAL SURVEY — STABILITY AMID CHANGE By Gordon Platt A global investigation into trading irregularities has not hampered growth or innovation in one of the world’s largest and most volatile markets—foreign exchange. The $5.3 trillion-a-day foreign exchange ...

Economics, Policy & Regulation

India And Indonesia: Going Cold Turkey

The prospect of US Fed “tapering” is still taking its toll on Indonesia and India, as both nations face mounting deficits and international pressure for structural reform.