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EM Regional Review: Asia

WAITING GAME By Anita Hawser Asia is watching closely to see what happens to the West's buckling economies. However, intraregional trade growth and ever-increasing trade between the emerging markets will help cushion any impact. Much of the world’s ...

Award Winners

Central Banker Report Cards 2011: Asia

ASIA Australia Glenn Stevens Grade: A Glenn Stevens, governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, has a steady hand and clear policy views when it comes to making monetary decisions at the RBA. At its meeting in August, the ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

EM News: Emerging Markets Prove Haven in Global Storm

EMERGING MARKETS INVESTOR: NEWS By Gordon Platt Emerging markets continue to outperform developed markets and were a relatively safe haven during the recent global equity market volatility. Emerging market bond funds and currencies were stellar performers during ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Shinawatra Must Bridge The Class Gap In Thailand

NEWSMAKERS: THAILAND By Kim Iskyan In early May, Yingluck Shinawatra was a prominent business executive in Thailand. Shinawatra: Following in her brother’s footsteps Two months later, she became the country’s first female prime minister. Her astonishingly rapid ...

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Awards: The World’s Best Subcustodians

ANNUAL SURVEY: MEETING NEW DEMANDS By Gordon Platt Subcustodians focus on real-time data and safety of client assets. The world’s leading subcustodians are investing in new systems to meet an increasing desire from global custodians for real-time ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Thailand Braced For More Political Turmoil

MILESTONES : THAILAND By Thomas Clouse The people of Thailand will soon go to the polls following a royal decree last month dissolving the lower house of parliament and calling for elections on July 3. Thai PM ...

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World’s Best Banks : Asia Country Winners

ASIA Credit Quality May Hinder Expansion Plans While most of emerging Asia’s banks came out of the 2008 financial crisis with strong capital ratios and creditworthiness, the crisis had more of a negative impact on banks in some of ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Take Cover

INSURANCE: POLITICAL RISK COVER By Anita Hawser Recent events in the Middle East and North Africa have brought political risk into sharp focus for multinationals in the region and beyond. It was the morning after the Japanese ...